Weirdharold sends letter To Sam Donaldson

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Sam Donaldson
ABC News
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Dear Mr. Donaldson,

RE: Your discussion on drugs “This Week With David Brinkly”
Note The Date. Still Material TodayI was born before the out break of WW II in central Kentucky. My parents were fundamental Christians and of course very anti-alcohol. No person could have had more instruction on the ill effects of alcohol than I.

However on a warm June night in 1960, after a quarrel with a girlfriend, I decided to indulge in alcohol to the point of drunkenness. The full knowledge of possible long term effects his act might entail did not sway my decision one way or the other. It is my opinion that I became an alcoholic that night.

Over the next 15 years much effort was put forth to stop my drinking. Mostly my wife through control of the checkbook. Simultaneously she took over my responsibilities to the point that I thought I could not survive without her. I also resented her assuming these duties.

After a night of serious drinking, blackouts and many other symptoms of long term alcoholism, I was confronted by my wife with the checkbook in hand stating that the family finances were mine to use or abuse whatever I saw as necessary. She also stated that if I elected to dispose of it on alcohol that she and our son could fend for themselves. That was the last time I used alcohol for any purpose other than after-shave lotion.

My experiences lead me to draw some conclusions that few hold as everyday truths:

1. Consumption of alcohol is not a moral issue.
2. No amount of public or peer pressure can stop an alcoholic from drinking.
3. The only person more insane than an alcoholic who continues to drink is the one trying to make him/her stop.

I am sure the same applies to drugs.

Author: harold