Why aren’t we angry?

I remember awhile back, the president of our country at the time lied about a relationship. The relationship had nothing to do with his job, and the whole issue really was between himself, his wife, and the person he had an affair with. However, I lot of people were up in arms, crying for impeachment and what not. Fast forward to today. We’ve all been hearing about the allegations that Bush wasn’t exactly correct in his State of the Union Address. Here is an link removed on TomPaine talking about some of the errors and possible lies that were given to us by the Administration. Here is another link removed on the Indepentent talking about how the CIA told the British Government not to include the Niger/Iraq claim in its report on the War in Iraq. I like at the end of the article how it talks about our government trying to pass the buck and blame the Brits on the Niger claim. Classic Stuff.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that lying about why we are invading a sovereign nation, putting our own soldiers at risk, and killing countless innocent people is a lot worse that lying about a relationship. Yet, it doesn’t seem like the American Public really cares. A lot of people died. People are still dying. One of the main reasons we were told we were in Iraq is based on lies and fabricated information. Why aren’t we angry? Why aren’t we outraged?
Author: jonathan