MARTY RUSSELL: You have to wonder about those who flaunt their religion

8/27/2003 12:35:09 AM
Daily Journal

Here we go again. Haven’t we learned anything from the current world situation? Take the Israelis and Palestinians, for instance. The death rate among those two groups has to be eclipsing the birth rate so that, with their current eye-for-an-eye foreign policy, in just a few years we should be down to just one aging Palestinian and one aging Israeli trying to gum each other to death.
All in the name of God.
And what about the Taliban and al Qaeda, not exactly two groups you’d want to invite over for a backyard barbecue. They’ve declared Holy War against the West, which is us, which makes you want to scream holy something you can’t say in the newspaper.
Then there are the Catholics and the Protestants in Ireland, the Chinese and the Buddhists in Tibet, Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss, and the Rastafarians who are too stoned to declare war but promise they’ll get around to it one day.
The point is, religion is to blame for much of the conflict in the world these days, with the possible exception of State and Ole Miss.
Not that religion itself is a bad thing. Religion, regardless of whether you worship a god or a piece of Elvis’ belly button lint, gives us hope, holds us to a moral code and gives us an excuse to dress up on Sunday mornings.
Where religion becomes a problem is when it is sanctioned by the state. That’s why we came here in the first place because we didn’t like King George’s official Church of England and because we didn’t want to be ruled by a guy who dressed funny and wore wigs.
Thank God yes, God that Madison, Jefferson, Adams and the rest recognized how incapacitating state-sanctioned religion could be to the free flow of ideas necessary in a democratic society.
So why can’t (former) Alabama Judge Roy Moore and his followers recognize that fact? In this country we’re free to worship anything we like, whether it’s Christianity or Bob Marley. But the state, the government, can’t endorse one religion over another.
In America, God is on equal footing with Muhammad, Buddha, and those people who worship the Manning family, at least in the eyes of the government.
You’d think a man who has a law degree and has risen to the high office of chief justice even in Alabama would know that. Which makes you wonder what Moore’s real motives are in his continued defiance of a court order to remove his massive Ten Commandments monument from the judicial complex.
I say we give him back his monument it’ll make a nice paperweight and send him on his way, hopefully, into obscurity.Copied from The Daily Journal

because it is my thought exactly
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