Banking email/internet fraud exposed by White Hat Hackers.

Check out this very good story over at Security Focus. This is the story of how some White Hat Hackers tracked down some spammers that are trying to con people into giving up their banking information. Basically, the spam appears to come from CitiBank, and it asks people to go to a web page that appears to be a CitiBank web page, but the pop-up that comes up and asks you to verify your information actually goes to a server in Russia that has nothing to do with CitiBank.

This story shows how spammers and criminals are getting more and more cunning. And it shows how you have to be careful in determining where emails are really coming from. This scam affects CitiBank, but even if you don’t use them, someone in the future could do the same with any other bank (or with something like PayPal as we see in the previous article about the new Worm going around). Read the article and be careful with email claiming to be from your bank and asking you for personal information.
Author: jonathan

Nasty worm in the wild. Sends email that appears to be from Paypal.

Be careful with any email claiming to be from PayPal and saying that your account is about to expire. A new worm is running around that cunningly tries to con people out of their PayPal information. I believe the worm is based on Microsoft software flaws, but the email could be sent to any Operating System. Check out the details here . More information can also be found at They give some very good advice on this page:

“Note: do not act on web links or attachments sent to you in emails which claim to come from banks or financial companies. The apparent source of an email is too easily forged.”
Author: jonathan