Opening Day of Deer Season In Kentucky

The following post is by Sheila. Sheila is both member of this site and a member of my family with the same surname. Most may not engage in the sport that Sheila is describing. I am positive you will enjoy the spiritual nature of her piece.

Story in Extended Text

Well just let me brag just a little and tell you a story.  We hunt just down the road from my parents on HWY 728 going to Bonnieville.  It was opening morning of the season Nov. 8th just after the sun came up.   See I love to hunt, just being in the woods away from all the phones, people, and work.   This is when I feel that I find myself the most relaxed and amazed at God’s beauty.   To me hunting is relaxing and I love to watch the deer as much as hunt them.  After I killed my buck I went back to my stand several times just to video them.  I have never killed a deer bigger than my husband but this time, I out did him  I realize we have much larger deer on our walls, but to kill a nine point that weighed 165 lbs was a first for me.  I’m sure I’m one of the very few Ard’s that hunts.  I know it shocked my Aunt  the other day when I saw her in Bonnieville and told her.  She acted shocked and asked how I could kill such a pretty animal.  I told her it was supper, then she really got upset, HA HA!


 I really got into hunting about five years ago I had been going along time before that, but five years ago I had a fall unlike any other and I hope to never have again.  That year I lost Mamma, then one week to a day I lost my Papaw and one week and two days I lost my Granny Eula Highbaugh.  That year when I went hunting I felt like I was lost in the world and nothing anybody said made it better, I think the more people talked to me the worse it was.  That deer season I just sat in the woods and did allot of crying and searching inside myself. 


One morning I got up and Steven said he was going to go with me to my stand because the season was almost over and he thought he would film me if I got anything, of course he had already killed his the first weekend and yes it was a nice one.  I told him no he didn’t have to do that and he went anyway.  I think he knew and nor was he going to leave me alone after everything that had happened.  But that morning in the stand before the sun came up I felt a warmth come over me all of a sudden  and I felt it was all going to be okay.  About an hour later I killed a nice five point buck, until then I had never really killed anything to talk about.


Until that day I had always went because I liked it, but now I go because I enjoy it.  But I also get this insight each day I’m out there that God is amazing and no matter what he is watching out for us just seeing his amazing work really puts me  back into a spiritual zone.  I so needed something at that time and if you stop and think we all need that one thing that we can escape in and just be.


So, yes I’m most likely the only Women Ard that hunts and one of the very few Ard’s all together that hunts.  I really enjoy it! Greg my brother likes to hunt but he doesn’t have the time anymore much.  Arthur lee use to hunt but the last time I talked to him, he said he is to busy too anymore. 


The funny part of my hunt this year is I saw the deer coming through a thicket and he never gave me a broad side shot nor was he even a close shot.  I felt I had to take the bad shot because of his size, I have some friends that we bet with and I never have won and saw this as my chance to have the bragging rights for the year and get a free steak dinner.  I took the shot through the thick brush.  Let me remind you I had to turn to toward the back of my stand to shoot him standing at a angel; after I shot he ran about 20 yards and he fell!  I got so excited  I couldn’t wait the 15 min. that I should have waited to let him die. 


I climbed down about three minutes after he fell, so when I got up real close to him thinking I had done it,then he jumped up and ran off!  I got so upset with myself for taking a bad shot.  I knew better than that, but allot of bragging rights was on the line and being a women among the group I had to prove I could do this better.   All I could do at this point was track him by his blood trail, but I couldn’t find one I knew I had hit him because he fell but I also knew it was a real bad shot if I couldn’t find any blood.  So I went in the direction he went.  I knew that there was an open field over the ridge, I went over the ridge and was almost in tears.  I came to the edge of the woods over the ridge and there is an opening into the field.  I saw Steven coming I thought, here he comes to help me with my deer and I can’t even find him!  I went to him and he asked did you get him, I told him it was a bad shot doing all I could so he wouldn’t see the tears in my eyes.  As usual Steven being as supportive as he usually is to me said, well that’s sometimes the way it goes and  by the way he’s over in my food plot dead!  I got so excited!    See that is the funny part to.  He was going to shot him himself just before he fell dead in front of him! 


So the next time your in Glasgow you can come by and I will show you my buck because he is going on my wall has soon has he gets back from the taxidermist!

Author: harold