Reponse to Shelia Ard’s article on deer hunting

Yes, I imagine Shelia is the first and only Ard
female to participate in the sport of hunting, but not
the only Ard who has enjoyed the sport of hunting..

When James was younger, he had rather hunt than eat and if you were ever around a
Ard male, you know that was quite a sacrifice.

I have seen him go hunting when it was raining, snowing, so cold most people would think you were crazy .

He still has the shot gun he bought thefirst year
after he was discharged from the military in 1956.
That fall he would hunt for quail. I think his total
for that season was over a 100 quail.

The question if it is right or wrong to kill a deer,
or any other wild animal is in one’s own heart.

Doline Ard

Author: DolineArd