News about Rush

I have a little problem with the thinking of the author of the posted article. My ideas of the possession and use of drugs are stated in articles posted earlier.

I do not think Rush should go to jail for possession and use of drugs. I do not know why Rush is an drug addict. Neither do I know why I am an alcoholic, nor do the 19 psychiatrists, 13 physiotherapists and 21 medical doctors that have treated me for various ailments. The very best have told me that they could not treat my alcoholism. So I do not pay to much attention to politicians, preachers or other people telling me how to treat my alcoholism, neither should Rush.

Illegal or legal drug is mute for me. We must get our minds off the morale issue drugs and get to dealing with crime we can all agree upon. Robbing a bank is a crime. Being high on drugs does not make it a different crime. Drug dealers scare people. Disturbing the peace is a crime whether drugs are involved or not. Focus on the crime not the drugs is a beginning.From MAP
Author: harold