Patriot Act II goes into law. No one notices.

I posted a story about the Patriot Act II earlier, after Congress passed the law very quietly. Here is an article talking about the “coincidence” of Bush signing this bill into law on the same day as the US forces captured Saddam. The new law gives law enforncement agencies much more power. Now they can get search warrants without judicial oversight. Oh goodie.

Here that sound? It’s the sound of our rights being flushed down the toilet.
Author: jonathan

Poll says Bush, Hilary Clinton most admired by Americans

I don’t really believe most polls reflect real life, and my faith in the general American public is pretty shaky at the moment, but if this is anywhere close to being true, I am going to have to move to Canada or something. According to CNN, GWB is the most admired man in America, and Hilary Clinton is the most admired woman. Not, Bush only got 29%, which I guess is saying something. But does anyone else think it is sad that the most admired people in America are politicians? Not a great way to end the year, in my humble opinion. Oh well.I had to put this in humor, because I find it too funny.
Author: jonathan