Weirdharold Talks About Drug Laws

Everything I say about alcoholism I believe to be true of drug addiction. In 1914 our country started a program to make drug sales illegal, (central nervous system depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens.) Billy Sunday and his friends continued to help create the 18th AmendmentThis law had such a public backlash that it was repealed in just 15 years. The drug laws have not been so fortunate. These laws were made and crimes were created that had never been committed all with the thought if we keep drug away from the common guy he will not be disruptive. This thought has lots of errors. One is that drug addicts and alcoholics are too dumb make drugs or build stills. The capitalist idea if there is a market someone will capitalize on it legal or illegal . The other thought in error is all the users of these products will honor our laws and refrain from their use. The true drug addict and alcoholic can rationalize the use of these items sorta like a Moslem can justify spanking his wife.

The manufacturing, transporting, possession, and selling of drugs or alcohol dose not disrupt our domestic tranquillity. nor does earning money from these activities. The selling of these products can easily be conducted in a dishonest manner thus should be regulated not illgal Selling Drugs

All this legislation was created because we have a little problem with the behavior of some addict and alcoholics. Reckon we could deal with the misbehavior of the folks and forget about these other laws and the disruptive effort to enforce them.

Then we have this group of folks who believe they can save people from becoming drug addict and alcoholics. well I say to them please read Letter to Sam Donaldson
Also I would like to say, if you truly believe you can save or help an addict or alcoholic go to Al-Anon
Author: harold