F. H. Ard 1868-1941

Frank was buried about 5- 6 hours before I was born. All that I say about Frank has come through at least one or more persons. It is so easy to for us to pick up on someone’s glaring defects of character. While we must take some time to evaluate their attributes. Some of the things I have heard about Frank was his control of his children especially Clemmie. Another was his altercation with Eligh Cruse and Grace Crouch. These things are easy to spot and make good conversation around a pot bellied stove. From this point on I will look for the bright spots in Frank’s life. I have heard or remember what I heard very little about Frank before 1910 when he and his family moved to Hammondsville. On April of that year Frank’s wife Nellie had died of childbirth. My information on the child is mixed and I will not comment. I am not sure how he was providing a living for his family, but the grief stricken father moved to Hammondville with five children ages 7-18 to work as a tenant framer for his brother-in-law (husband of his dead wife’s sister).

Everything I hear from family and others was that Frank taught his off springs a work ethic that was a conversation piece in Hammondville. That included all. Aunt Clemmie became the matron of the household. Some say that Frank objected highly to her considering any marital leaning. Aunt Clemmie never married.

Some may say that Frank held onto his children to a fault. I think he did it it for his own financial, emotional, and social reasons as well as those same reason s for his children. Let us deal with the fact we know and make up our own mine. 5 years into the Hammondsville move J. W. (second child first son) got married, guess what, he moved into a little house on farm. He live there for 3 year having two children. When his wife and youngest child died, he and his oldest child moved back into F.H.’s house. Less than one year later Barnett got married and move into the same house that J.W. had just moved. Oct. 1921 J. W. married again but no place to go he and his wife move in to Frank’s house. His father-in-law started building him a house of the southern part of the farm. They were no longer tenant farmers (explain later). Shortly there after Barnett build his home a few hundred yards north of J W, house on the old Hammondsville Road. 1928 Arthur got married again he move into house that J.W & Barnett. In mid 30 Mary got married and moved to Illinois, but stayed only one year, then moved back to the house the other three married siblings had lived. Fast forward to 1947 when the last member of the third generation was born. 5 members of the 2nd generation, 4 spouses of 2nd generation, 15 children in the 3rd generation and one(2)spouse 2 children of the fourth generation were living on the the farm that F.H. came to in 1910. Total of 28. Shortly after Coman was born David Dale third member of 4th generation was born. At the point all 29 member of the Ard family were living on the farm although it was divide up into four or five parts it was still the same farm.

These fact. are from my memory as they were relayed to me by others not necessarily family members and very easily challenged. I encouraged all family members to do so.
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News of the Weird

Derek Leroy McSmith of Forest City, Ga., has filed 10,618 formal open-records requests to local governments in the last eight months, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution report. Most were, he said, to satisfy his curiosity about how government works, but one day, he asked for 490 magazines and on another day, he checked out 100 books (and soon, according to the librarian, walked outside and dropped them into the return bin). Each request must be logged in and processed, and a Forest City clerk spends almost full-time on McSmith’s work. Several officials said that after they locate his documents, he only glances at them (or, if there is a cost involved, declines the documents). A local First Amendment advocate said the situation was merely “one of the downsides of a free and open society.” Check belowFirst Amendment
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Ex-Treasury Secretary says Bush planned Iraq Invasion before 9-11

Check out this story over on CNN. An ex-member of the Bush Administration says that Bush had planned on invading Iraq well before the events of 9-11. Doesn’t really surprise me, but there you go. The sad thing is, I don’t know if the American public actually care that this adminstration has lied to them so much since taking office.

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Bush seeks $2 Billion for education

Looks like a battle is going on over Education legislation. Check out the story over on CNN.com. The article talks about the strict testing requirements that schools need to pass before qualifying for federal aid.

The thing I find most interesting in this story is the $2 Billion dollars to be spent on education. Remember that $82 billion plus that we have spent to invade/rebuild Iraq. Don’t you think that could have been better used to education our children? Just a thought.
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Audit praises diocese

Here is the deal, you belong to a religion that has 800 million members. You have some leaders are very seriously breaking the law. This has been going on for 100 years or more. When the news of this activity could not be ignored any longer, the said religion created a forum of their own and wrote a group of rules and guidelines on matters of legal and spiritual to correct the sorry situation. One more twist, the group puts together an audit team and makes up a report that things are changing. Now ain’t that just hunky-dory. This is the largest sect of the largest religion on earth.


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Libya Presses U.S. to Move Quickly to End Sanctions

I think the talk that Colonel Qaddafi was afraid of dubya because of what happened to Saddam is rather laughable. Fox News purported this speculation. Well that same thinking was talked about when Ronnie bombed Libya and killed the Colonel’s baby. The aftermath of those acts are the topics of discussion today. The Colonel is the longest reigning dictator living today (I think). Qaddafi has reigned while 9 US presidents have served. He was in power when duyba was in middle school, long before he huffed cocaine or received his first DUI. The failure of our people to understand the Arabic World and our leader using this misunderstanding for political gain is going to cost our country all the freedoms we now know.

“People that hate freedom” while taking it away is just super.

This story is about what Qaddafi wanted for giving up WMD which he did not have. Well Tony and dubya got us soaked again and Qaddafi is afraid. Yup and I got ocean front property in Kentucky for sale.

You may have to register to read this but it is worth the time.

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Willie Nelson writes Song Against Iraq War

For only the second time in his whole career, Willie Nelson, 70 years old, has written a political protest song. The first was back during the Vietnam War. This one is about the War in Iraq. Check out the story on CNN. I especially like the chorus:

“Hell they won’t lie to me
Not on my own damn TV
But how much is a liar’s word worth
And whatever happened to peace on earth?”

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