Jim Crow Logic

The story below was edited by my son and he left this note at the bottom (This story is a bit unclear. I have no idea what the point is) I have taken this as the age in which he grew up in and the time my mother’s brothers grew up. I would like to hear your thoughts. Ellis Brooks was born a slave. It is said he lived with and cared for the family that held him in involuntary servitude before the Civil War until their death. He married a woman much his junior and they had three sons: John, George, and Jim. Ellis and his wife lived across the road from the church. C. D. Highbaugh lived with his mother at the home of G. W. Highbaugh. C. D. had three sons near the same age. Paul, Maxie, and Robert (my mother’s brothers). One time a few years ago, Uncle Maxie told me he and his brother went north to a white school and Ellis’s boys went south to a black school. Uncle Maxie noted they threw rocks at each other both morning and afternoon. Then on Saturday, they went to Bacon Creek behind Ellis’s home and stripped off buck-naked and went swimming. Uncle Maxie said he thought that combination of behavior was a little strange. Not swimming naked. That was normal for young boys in Hammondville back then. Rev. John Brooks, (the son of Ellis.) (Harold writes: John Brooks was a preacher same age as my mother born 1897. I think he was still living in 1999. George Brooks might have been older than John. He was a bank guard in Louisville and was murdered in late 1950’s. I met him once. Jim Brooks was born 1908-1912 and was a WWII Veteran. He died of a heart attack in the late 1960’s. Jim and John were a big part of my life.)
Author: harold