Insurgents Attempting to Ferment ‘Civil War’ in Iraq Sought Al Qaeda Help

Give me a break, Iraq does not need al Qaeda to get a civil war started. They have had one going on for the past several centuries. Why do you think Saddam stowed bodies all over Middle East. The Kurds, Summi and the Sheites will not get along with or without al Qaeda. This is a story put out to get dubya out of political hot water

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Science: Bible’s Red Sea Miracle Is Real?

The story below is one that forgets the spiritual and look for the facts. The facts of 2500 years ago have little to do with our faith in a Living God. See Read More for the full context of the news story

When I hear stories like this I go to this scripture.

Matthew 22:23-33
The same day the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to Him and asked Him, 24 saying: “Teacher, Moses said that if a man dies, having no children, his brother shall marry his wife and raise up offspring for his brother. 25 Now there were with us seven brothers. The first died after he had married, and having no offspring, left his wife to his brother. 26 Likewise the second also, and the third, even to the seventh. 27 Last of all the woman died also. 28 Therefore, in the resurrection, whose wife of the seven will she be? For they all had her.” 29 Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God. 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven. 31 But concerning the resurrection of the dead, have you not read what was spoken to you by God, saying, 32 ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.” 33 And when the multitudes heard this, they were astonished at His teaching.

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Once a person asked the Prophet, “What is true faith?” The Prophet replied, “When your good endeavors bring you pleasure and your transgressions cause you anguish, you know that you are a person of faith.”
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Priest Bagged for Growing Pot in Rectory

Ok this the way to use our justice system. Let us lock up every pot user in the USA. Then we can let Joseph P. Smith out of jail (as the judge did under judicial review) so he can kill 11-year-old Carlie Brucia.

We are so in rapped up in the Drug War we cannot get our focus on the crimes that really disrupt our society.

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Thought from Canada

Thank you Harold, I’m a logical person and what’s normally known as a loose canon because I cannot be relied upon to agree holusbolus with any group’s party line. Nonetheless it’s taken me a long time – gradually moving from conservative to liberal – to understand myself and where I’m coming from and where others are coming from. Even now my first primal surge is often laughter and vengeance. THEN I think.

I agree with you. I will no longer visit the states until the US-driven drug war is over and drugs are all legalized and regulated. What ever will movies and TV shows do once there is no drug war? What will the cops do? Yikes.

Weirdharold says this is the key “drugs are all legalized and regulated”
Printed with the permission of Charlotte R. Gottschau, BC, Canada

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Your Fly in open

Ways to say “Your Fly is Open”

20. The cucumber has left the salad.

19. I can see the gun of Navarone.

18. Someone tore down the wall, and your Pink Floyd is hanging out.

17. You’ve got Windows in your laptop.

16. Sailor Ned’s trying to take a little shore leave.

15. Your soldier ain’t so unknown now.

14. Quasimodo needs to go back in the tower and tend to his bell.

13. Paging Mr. Johnson… Paging Mr. Johnson…

12. You need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position.

11. Your pod bay door is open, Hal.10. Elvis Junior has LEFT the building!

9. Mini Me is making a break for the escape pod.

8. Ensign Hanes is reporting a hull breach on the lower deck, Sir!

7. The Buick is not all the way in the garage.

6. Dr. Kimble has escaped!

5. You’ve got your fly set for “Monica” instead of “Hillary.”

4. Our next guest is someone who needs no introduction…

3. You’ve got a security breach at Los Pantaloons.

2. I’m talking about Shaft, can you dig it?


1. I thought you were crazy; now I see your nuts.e-mail from Montgomery Crenshaw
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