What would Uncle Paul say & (Uncle Bob Too)

I am sadden that Uncle Paul & Uncle Bob are not here to give a Hommandsville version of the now famous,”Breastgate or Wardrobe Malfunction”. Of course it would be nice for Uncle Maxie to be there for silent approval. A couple of ingredients necessary would be one-half pint of J. W. Dante Bourbon whiskey and a six pack of Fall City beer. A sunday afternoon of discussion would have all of the hidden lust and greed exposed and the perpetrators brought to justice. There would be no need all this overexposer and righteous indignation that we are hearing and seeing everyday. I am quoting Uncle Paul, my thought too, “What harm can come to an 8 year old boy that gets a 2 second view of a womans breast”?
Uncle Paul
Author: harold

Breast Bared on TV. America displays Repression on Grand Scale.

Ok, you are going to have to have to put up with my ranting for a bit. I was just reading this and I seriously can’t believe what I am reading. I missed the Super Bowl. I was working. Not that cared that much. Lo’ and behold, I find out this morning that Janet Jackson apparenly bared her breast during the Half Time show (or, Justin Timerlake bared it, as the story goes). I though, “Interesting, but not that big of a deal”.
But now it appears that everyone is talking about it. And FCC Chairman Michael Powell says he is going to launch an investigation. An investigation into what? If it really was a breast? Or perhaps to determine if the breast was real or an implant. I don’t know. But, seriously, it is that big of deal? I mean, my god, don’t we have better things to do? There are worse things in the world that a bared breast. People are killing, raping, and stealing from each other. Why can’t we try and address that?

And what the hell is wrong with the human body? Have we not seen anything like this before? Are we that juvenile as a society, that we can’t see a breast on TV? Maybe we should show more breasts on TV, as well as other parts of the human anatomy, instead of the endless violence and bickering that seems to be all too common on American Television. Then maybe our children won’t be so quick to think that violence is a way to solve problems.

Just my 2 cents. Feel free to disagree.
Author: jonathan

Man in prison for 33 years for stealing Television is denied parole.

This is messed up. A man steals a Television and gets sentenced for life. Now he is denied parole. He has spent 33 years in prison so far. Check out the story

And yes, some claim that he assaulted the 86 year old woman that he stole the TV from. However, no court records indicate this, nor was he ever charged with anything other than burglary. Don’t you think a black man would have been charged with assault on a white woman if there was any evidence of such in North Carolina 33 years ago. Anyway, make up your own mind.
Author: jonathan