New Study of 12,000 Teens Shows Bush Abstinence Scheme Does Not Work

“Teens who make a one-time pledge to remain virgins until marriage catch sexually transmitted diseases about as often as those who don’t pledge abstinence, according to a study of the sex lives of 12,000 adolescents. Those who make a public pledge to delay sex also wind up having fewer sex partners and get married earlier, the research shows. But the two groups’ STD rates were statistically similar. One of the problems, researchers found, is that virginity ‘pledgers’ are less likely to use condoms when they do have sex. ‘It’s difficult to simultaneously prepare for sex and say you’re not going to have sex,’ said Peter Bearman, chairman of Columbia University’s sociology department, who coauthored the study with Hannah Bruckner of Yale University. ‘The message is really simple: ‘Just say no’ may work in the short term but doesn’t work in the long term.It does not work for Priests either.

Nor does it work for drugs. Nancy Reagan tied this “just say no” did not work then does not work now.

Nancy’s Method
Author: harold