Most Luxurious Places To Dry Out

This is a must read for fellowship members. This story is as the title suggest, however there some statements you may like. I am listed them out of context but you have heard them before:

1 ………… feels the more spartan approach, used at older places such as The Betty Ford Clinic and the Hazelden Institute in Minnesota, is demeaning to patients. “Why should we punish someone for being an alcoholic by turning them into a cleaning person?”

2 According to Prentiss, Passages boasts a 91% success rate, and does not employ the 12-step program favored by the vast majority of centers. Instead, the program relies on one-to-one therapy sessions, and all patients undergo an electroencephalogram, or brain wave analysis.

The thought that impresses me is the 91% success rate. You and I both understand recovery from a spiritual illness is an exact science

Author: harold