The Courage to Change the Things I Can

I intended for this site to be an area for discussion about the drug laws in force today. I surf other sites for those that may have similar ideas. The more I look the more disappointed I get.First the problem is not the drug dealers and traders. They are entrepreneurs and capitalists . This is what this country was built upon and they not going away. We did not end slavery by locking up slave dealers and traders. It does not work that way. If there is a demand for a product then it is going to be sold. There are many way to regulate it but we connot stop the demand no more than we can put tooth paste back in the tube. Our country is spending better than 20B a year saying than can do this.

Second we know that drug addiction and alcoholism is an illness, so those that do not stop using drugs or alcohol we are going to make “em stop. That is very nice, but we cannot help these poor SOBs any more than the 19 psychiatrists that told me they could not help my alcoholism.

Here is the problem we have a group of people that put substances in their bodies that alter their mental processes. This causes them to act in way we do not approve. Most of these people have a defective brain and/or body that tells them they need that substance. Most likely born that way. Most do not behave badly if they do not have the substance in their body. Thus the folks that do not use such substances abusively think the solution lie in their ability to keep the disruptive substance from the abuser.

This creates the most serious spiritual dilemma we face today. Yes I said spiritual dilemma. We have a person whose brain is telling him to use something to alter his thinking and we have another person that says I am going to do everything in my power to keep you from using the any mind alter substance. Now you have the Drug War. Nobody is going to lay down their arms my friends. There is a solution if we can get the self righteous to talk about it. The common ground is there if we look.

Ok, now let us ask the self righteous what really bothers them. If they say anything but the disruptive acts carried out after the abuser uses. Then they are just a sorry bunch of SOBs and should be ignored. The next thing that must be considered what is the issue with him and abusing. He does not know it but he cannot stop. However in most cases he does not approve of his behavior after he uses anymore than anyone else.

The answer seems to me to lie in a very simple manner. Stop trying to stop the individual from abusing drug. But hold him responsible for all other bad behavior.
Author: harold