A Little History Of Weirdharold

About one year ago I was surfing the net with much vigor when I came across a business card of Jerry Bartowsheski that was being advertised on the St. Cloud Superman’s site. When I saw the card on the site I almost fell out of my chair. I started pulling up 24 years of memories.The whole story behind Jerry is as I remember: I was attending the fellowship meeting in Cold Spring in early 1979 when a new fellowship member by the name of Ted Jaszczak (I can not pronounce it, but I spelled it) and said he attended an fellowship meeting at the Reformatory and met a young man from St. Cloud. Ted told him he needed a sponsor and gave him my telephone number. Somehow I made contact with him and he called me a couple of times. I visited him in prison on 3 or four occasions. I took him cigarettes and once gave him a shirt for his birthday. He gave me model ship and some other personal effects to keep for him. I picked him up at prison on his departure date. We picked up his clothes at jail ( he never took them from jail when he went to prison) and I took him home. But this is not the story of interest about Jerry. He was the third of four brothers. I never heard anything about his father, but his step father worked in the plastic department at Fingerhut about 100 yrads from my office at Fingerhut. The only other member of the family I ever heard about was his number two brother whom I have forgotten his name. During the time I was visiting Jerry in prison, this brother broke into a home in Colorado and killed a 10 year old girl. Of course this news made the St. Cloud Times. In that publication they also mentioned he had been a suspect in the killing of two young girls in St. Cloud in 1974 when I was working there but not living there. Fran met these girls’ mother in Christian Women Club there in St. Cloud. Their mother related the same story. Jerry did not seem to deny his brother’s actions. He did show regret to what he had done to his life. (I have since found out that a priest from St. John College is the prime suspect in the two girls deaths) My excitement over finding Jerry was the fact that he was not in prison and the fact he has the business initiative to get up a web page. Maybe I have been allow to spread a little part of the message that I intended.

I want to say Jerry is one of hundreds maybe thousands that I have the opportunity to met and share the blessing of our fellowship. I want all to know that I am eternally grateful to have those occasions. What happens after these sessions of sharing are out my control. The blessing flowing from the encounters are mine and for that I thank the All Mighty. I do not have the business card anymore sorry
Author: harold