Drug Policy

I am positive the key to end the drug war is to convince the general public there is absolutely no way that we can keep drugs away from addictive persons. When we begin to turn our heads away from that chore and focus upon our attention upon bad or illegal behavior, we will start to end this horrible drug war. Your example of the use of dangerous drug is a perfect example. Two adults using a dangerous drug don’t bother me very much. However someone stabbing another 3 times with kitchen knife gives me a bad case of the red ass. I do not think there is an absolute connection. Individual responsibility is the answer. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions. Do not, blame the drugs. Somebody had to ingest, inject, insert or inhale the chemical into their body and it is not the responsibility of our state to stop that behavior. That behavior does not disrupt our domestic Tranquility. But stabbing someone sure does.

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Author: harold