Ray Reynolds, a medic in the Iowa Army National Guard, serving in Iraq (Updated)

This Story was submitted to me by a member that wishes to remain anonymous I think. This information was sent to me via e-mail. As I searched the net for the source and found on the link in this text.

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Read onI wonder if this letter was written by a medic or a Navy PR person. The story tells of the items that we wish for the Iraqis to have, do not forget we have not ask them what they want. I bet they would say they do not want to be invaded at the point of a gun. If you have never been to the Port of Authority bus Terminal in NYC. Ask one of the people that live there if he would like to have these services mentioned in the letter. Please let me know his response. The conclusions I draw from my time of residence in the Middle East is quiet different from the medic.
Author: harold