To Tell the Truth


Weirdharild’s e-mail to Paul

I sure did appreciate you editorial on the way the press has dealt with Bush administration on the build up and early days of the war. I have some questions about why the Cable TV drum rolled the war like we were going to a movie. The other is the al Quadia and Saddam Hussein connection. I am very limited in my knowledge of the Arabic world but i know that is a stretch to think those two could get together. That is like Rev. Daniel Berrigan and Rev. Jerry Falwell getting together to form some secret theological study to spring upon all of us.
I am well aware that you took the high road all through this affair.
Thanks Again
Paul’s Reply

Dear Reader,
Thanks for your email. I do read all the letters and emails that are fit to print, but though I wish I could respond to all of them, that wouldn’t leave me time to do anything else.
Paul Krugman

Author: harold