A look at Drug Laws

I am not sure how this sites wishes to end the drug war. The more I study this debate, I find there is much division among the anti-drug war advocates on how the drug war should end. This tells me there is much prejudice in thinking on use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. My experience leads me to look at this situation a little different than most. My belief that this dragon must be slain by removing its head. Picking at the sores will only make the issue more complicated and create more prejudice

It is my thinking from my experience that our Government at all levels should discontinue:

1. Denying citizens access to drugs and alcohol on the thought that this deniability with stop the spread of addiction and will cure the addict or alcoholic.

Our Government at all levels should Start.

2. Offering protection to its citizen from products the buyer does not wish to purchase or use.

3. Start using the power of all branches of government at all levels to end the prejudices of addict. To hold the people accountable for their action. Allow the addict to chose his own pursuit of happiness within the law that follows the aforementioned considerations.

I have put these thought in a very amateur manner on another post

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Please note, discussed in earlier thread, I am an alcoholic, I have never used a drug that is now considered illegal, nor do I wish to start.
Author: harold