Support Our Troops


Impeach Bush

Send a shot to the ear of every legislator that voted to allow him to act on this arrogant decision.

Tell the complicit news media to inform the American public the facts about what we are doing in Iraq

Then allow the informed Americans say how to handle Iraq

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After he sayth he sayth not
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Social Security

Going into war for oil.

Now fixing something else that need not be fixed

Only to to pay back his Wall St. friends.

Wake up my friends.

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Copied From: Rockridge Institute report 12/21/04

there were 42 people paying into the system for every person receiving benefits and that by 2040 that ratio will fall to 2 working people for every retiree.

It is like saying that in 1900, there was one farmer or farm worker for every seven Americans, but because that ratio has fallen to one farmer for every 83 people
Author: harold