My Maternal Grandfather

Upon my arrival back to my parents home in Kentucky after my treatment for alcoholism, my mother confided in me a story I had never heard before. My mother liked to tell stories about her father and she always wished that I had the opportunity to see and chat with him. But having chatted with his 3 sons I think I have succeeded in my mother’s wishes.

However back to the story, my grandfather and grandmother had 6 children first 3 girls, then 3 boys. My mother was the youngest girl, born 1897, next brother was born 1903. Sometime between her birth and her brother my grandfather had some type of kidney ailment that the old country doctor thought would take his life if swift action was not taken. Irrigating his kidneys was very risky out in the country where medical attention was far away. My mother described the procedure as this: Started the irrigation with some form of sulfur drug, then the drug laudanum was given to deal with the pain. ( remember no penicillin at that time)

The procedure worked very well and as I stated before my grandparents had three more children. Now my Grandfather continued to take the laudanum and the local doctor was happy to give him a prescription . Then in 1914 the drugs laws came down the pike with Billy Sunday and Carrie B. Nation. The best old doc that Hammondsville ever had told my grandfather he could no longer give him a prescription for the drug. One prescription was given and Doug (my grandfather) took no more laudanum.

This story gives me some insight to drug use and abuse. I would have become addicted to this opium product I am sure. I probably would have ended up using alcohol as I did. My grandfather had no problem using it as his doctor advised. There were no ill effects from this drug to his emotional, mental or physical health as Nancy Reagan would like for you to believe.

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I think we are trying to control who makes the money from drugs sales. This matters should be between the individual and his health provider
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Weirdharold’s Neighborhood

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This building has a history worth noting. In the early 50s this building and its business was owned by Dale Walton. He was the head (whatever of Mississippi) KKK. When Mississippi started a state sales tax, a black man came into this business and bought a dollar item. He questioned the 3¢ charge and was shot and killed by Mr. Walton. Of course Mr. Walton has no record of violent history in his police file.

This building was purchased in the late sixties by an other individual that rented it to several garden variety rednecks. recently it was sold again, it looks as if they are trying to bring a little less volatile history to the area. This building is across the creek from our home, about 500 feet away.
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