Aunt Mary

As a result of one of my occupations and my mother’s effort for me to take on some of her attributes. I feel as if I have been able to give some comfort to those that grieve. The act requires no skill only compassion. On March 17, 1984 at Dixon-Rogers Funeral Home in Magnolia my father had died the day before and I had arrived in Magnolia a few hours earlier. I was sitting on a couch near the casket when Aunt Mary came and sit beside me. My father lying in the casket was my last parent to die and he was Aunt Mary’s last sibling . She appeared to be as sad as I. We comforted each other. One thing she told me I will never forget. When her mother died, Aunt Mary was 6 years and 6 months old. She said no one would talk to her, leaving her very puzzled and confused. Her thought reenforced my thought that we all need comfort when dealing with grief. Aunt Mary took this adverse action to a high level and was one that surely gave comfort to all at a time of grief.

When we read the Bible we see many, many times Jesus healed this one that one & etc. If we change that word to give comfort then we can follow the word of God an receive the rewards of that effort.

I have travel to many parts of this world and I have never seen anybody put more effort in this task better than the folks around Magnolia and Hommandsville.This is also a tribute to the folks around Magnolia & Hommandsville

Aunt Mary is the smallest child in the pix
Author: harold