Lawmakers Criticize White House Drug War Budget

From the text.”there are now 600,000 fewer teens using drugs than there were in 2001,” Walters said. We really know how great these statistics work. I have been hearing this for 20 years. If all were true we would have a negative amount of teenagers using drugs.

When these programs were started in 1914 the only teen age drug users were college students at Ivy Leauge schools. Bothering no one except thir parents.

Look what we have now!
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Inherit the Windbags

This gives me a little hope

Do male nipples prove evolution?From The Text of MAUREEN DOWD op-ed

The virtual tour of the museum, to be built in rural Kentucky, says its exhibits will explain many such mysteries, like the claim that T. rex lurked around Adam and Eve – “That’s the terror that Adam’s sin unleashed!” – and how “Noah and his family survive 371 days alone on an animal-filled boat” (“a real ‘Survivor’ story”).
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