EDITORIAL: Spiritual pride

One of the best thoughts I have seen in the Daily Journal in the 12 years I have been in this area.

However I will accept your thoughts as they are written.

We in the United States have set out on a noble experiment to make an attempt to keep our government and religious lives apart. Hopefully we can make laws in harmony and individually participate in the religion of our choice. The attempt by many Christians to place their religious values into our governmental affairs has me disturbed from both sides of the fence. I for sure would like for our government without religion to succeed. I would in no way want my government involved in my spiritual life.

I read in your letters to the editor every day people stating you cannot be a Christian if you think blankly blank.. I know and you know that is not a spiritual thought it comes from a political focus room sent out to the political airways. I truly believe I must develop a personal relationship with God of my understanding. Also believe a study and following the life and teachings of Jesus Christ will create a life of anonymity and humility. This does not have anything to do with the formation of a government.

If this spiritual hubris continues in our government, we will not have government separate from religion, nor will we have a religion that can be called Christianity. Jesus Christ was not a politician.

Author: harold