Just a thought on Drugs

I am going to say something all are happy to hear. My mother thought exactly as you on the use of alcohol. She was a very humble lady married to a tobacco farmer in rural KY. I loved her more than any person in this world until my own family came along. She set out to teach me about how alcohol would destroy my life. It almost did.

You state, (and my mother agreed) “I sincerely believe that people especially young impressionable people when given honest well intention information concerning the dangers that a very real part of drugs, they will make the right decisions to protect themselves. This does not by any means exclude the possibility that some drugs can be enjoyed safely.” I too believe that to be true with most people however you and my mother leave out these folks on the page. Look Here

We know more about what is on the other side of Pluto than we know about these illnesses. Now my question is what are you going to teach them and how do you separate them from others
without the social stigma that exist today.


Happy to here your thoughts
Author: harold