My friend Ray

My friend Like me, Ray has use the whole world as his resting place. Starting here in Tupelo Ray was born about 500 yards from where Elvis was born and 101 day later in the year (1935).

Ray’s father and mother was friends to Elvis’s father and mother, but Ray and Elvis were not ever together as Ray remembers. Ray’s mother loaned Elvis’s mother a dress to wear to Elvis’s twin brother funeral. Ray’s father and Elvis’s father found making a living very hard during the depression. They worked together on some endeavors that some would find not so exemplary. In 1948 Elvis’s family left Tupelo going to Memphis in a jetty buggy, at the same time Ray’s family left for Detroit. Ray did not like Detroit so he quit school and work at other things

One of the first times I meet Ray I told him I was born in KY. He said he had worked in Elizabethtown in the fifties. He went on to explain he painted a funeral home there. I assume it to be (Dixon/Atwood). He said said he notice there was a hearse that had been used many years as an ambulance was setting in a shelter. They took the siren off the vehicle and he took the vehicle as payment for painting services. Ray has many stories to tell of the hearse. Ray reminds me of Uncle Paul and Uncle Bob.
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Medical Boards Let Physicians Practice Despite Drug Abuse

Worng direction

Here is where I have problem with the DEA, the public, our media, and employers. We continue to look for the solution in the drug use. We should focus on the fraud, & ethics not the drug use. His fraud, & ethics may or may not surface through his drug. It does not matter. We are asking a person to do something he knows not how to preform. His drug use
Author: harold