Bar plan out of sync with reality of state drug use

The greatest weakness in the proponents’ argument is the assumption that violence associated with drugs is simply a by-product of drug trafficking. Drug users normally commit violent crimes because they are under the influence of drugs, and not because they are trying to feed their illicit habit. Joseph A. Califano Jr. of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University said it best: “Drugs like marijuana, heroin and cocaine are not dangerous because they are illegal; they are illegal because they are dangerous.”

I have never heard a bigger lie than the above statement. Drugs are not dangerous. Greedy and insane people are very dangerous.
Author: harold

Weirdharold’s Methodology

I belong to a fellowship that deals totally with the illness of alcoholism. This fellowship is wise to take no position on public policy on the legal and illegal drugs and alcohol.

I believe our public policy today is harmful to our society in many ways. The most important being it fails in its intention to keep drug/alcohol from alcoholics/addict and our youth. It has violated our rights and liberties while 90% of the population think all is well and never see the ill effect of these laws.

My experience with alcoholics and other addicts leads me to believe we have little or no knowledge of addiction/alcoholism. Since we know nothing why quarrel. We all agree the policy must be changed.

Here is Weirdharold Methodology. Read this link first before going on it is very short.

Then think forward to what we have in store after that. There are three types of psychoactive drugs:Central Nervous System Depressants——-Alcohol & Opiates most common
Stimulants—————————————Cocaine & Meth most common
Hallucinogens ———————————Marijuana LSD and mescaline

Alcohol is under strict control of manufacture, tax collection and sale now and all those other psychoactive drugs should also. Let the market place decide what will be sold and what will not. We must have trust servants to monitor the greedy as to intake amount and other dangers. The best to monitor these is a free society and marketplace. Of course the trust servants should be the FDA and the medical profession and the IRS to collect taxes. If these folks fail we must get our politicians involved. The DEA has no legitimate roll in this society

If we can all agree alcoholism/addiction is a disease, then why not let the diseased treat their illness as they wish. If Steve McQueen can go to Mexico and take laetrile to treat his cancer why can’t I set in my apartment and smoke Acapulco Gold to treat my manic depression.

I am positive that no law could have prevented my manic depressive alcoholism nor could any education resolved my condition because our knowledge is not there yet.

Author: harold