The 2nd drug problem

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Amazing isn’t it. I describe the problem in my book – the only drug education curriculum that connects the War on Drugs to affordable prescription drugs. We have a drug problem with medicare because pharmaceuticals promote drug dependency with billions of ads. They are successful because our schools promote drug ignorance in their so called “drug education”. They promote drug ignorance because we have a War on Drugs based exclusively on the “dangerous drug” mythology. It’s sort of like giving a driving safety course and you show scenes of wrecks involving “bad cars” and tell students “this is what can happen to you if you drive bad cars”. Then you scratch your head and wonder why kids are poor drivers.

We probably consume more drugs per capita than any other nation. Not just “dangerous drugs” – but prescription drugs as well. It should come as no surprise that anti drug organizations that promote drug ignorance [Partnership for a Drug Free America] draw a lion’s share of funding from pharmaceutical companies. They have us by the balls and they don’t want to let go. And they are also in the top 5 list of contributors to every major political leader.

Oh, and we don’t keep statistics on the number of drug dependent people for health reasons – so they don’t exist. Don’t pay any attention to the little man behind the curtain!

For the ONLY drug abuse and dependency education curriculum for teens in the USA [the world?]go to click here For families that care about real drug related problems.
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The DEA has convinced me psychoactive drugs  (opiates, marijuana and cocaine) that have been around for 5000 years are so dangerous that we should be spending about 100 billion a year to keep from the public.  They are such menace to a society the DOD should be using them to fight terrorism.  Just commenting.
Author: harold