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To the editor:
There is a poster behind the counter at my local pharmacy with this website: Take a look The pharmacist tells me that it will give me more information about the new state meth-related restrictions on legally available drugs. Instead I find a site run by an Oregon employee that contains a lot of drug war lies and propaganda and lobbies visitors to support pending legislative proposals that will cost taxpayers dearly and provide funding for a lot of police and prisons. Even our lapdog media admits that it won?t do anything about the meth supply. The drug war is a bottomless money pit for taxpayers and crime victims.
The fact is that half of the symptoms attributed to meth are actually due to sleep deprivation. Teenagers first encounter sleep deprivation on very late night study sessions with friends [parties?]. Many parents brew a late night pot of coffee to enable this self-abuse. This process continues in the workforce. Teens get an unmistakable message: self-abuse for work is good; self-abuse for fun or vanity is bad ? which is why so many teenagers become workaholic adults, using and abusing drugs to enable their addiction and sleep disorders are a major health/drug problem for adults. I can safely claim that moderate to severe caffeine dependency is way more than twice as prevalent among teenagers than for those related to all ?dangerous drugs?. Schools don?t even mention this problem. They are too busy lying about drugs ? like just about everyone with access to taxpayer monies.

JT Barrie
Philomath, OR

I couldn’t get any response from the owner of the site about who funds it or why it gets put in the Philomath pharmacy. It would be a good exercise for a real investigative journalist. Of course, if you weren’t outraged about the DEA stealing tax dollars to promote political positions then having the state steal tax dollars to promote legislation costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars – with no expected payout ever – should not be a concern. Oh, what a tangled web the media weaves when first the deceive, deceive and then deceive some more about drugs. Anyway lying is immoral and so is the use of tax dollars by government to lobby for more tax dollars.
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Author: harold

Southern Baptists’ growth stalling

Convention a political power, but some fear evangelism neglected

I spoke about the Baptist once.Let me give a little history on this

12 years ago I had just moved to Tupelo, MS. The president of the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY was under heavy pressure to give in to conservatives in Dallas and take away intellectual freedom of the faculty. The President’s daughter-in-law lived in Tupelo and was our quasi landlord. Dr. Honeycutt (President) was thrown out and the conservatives got their way. I had the opportunity to meet this humble man once.

Please note from Mr. Weiss article:but a lot of the Roger Williams-type Baptists who liked religious liberty were pushed away,” Dr. Farnsley said. Williams founded the first Baptist church in America in 1639 and was a champion of “soul liberty,” the right of each individual to complete freedom of opinion about religion.

The above is Weirdharold’s opinion of religion. I believe as the more and more of religiously control pastors come out of the Seminary the more Baptist will become political activist and less a spiritual entity.

Weiss goes on to say: Southern Baptists, on the other hand, have built political power, she said.
“It may be that the market Southern Baptists have been developing in the last 20 years is not necessarily the market for souls but the market for votes,” she said.

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Author: harold