The rim champ is on’em again

I found an interesting political site run by a state employee using her state paid for email as the contact person. Her name is Tammy Stringham and her email address is . The site is and it urges visitors to lobby their legislator to support three pending pieces of legislation. This is clearly political activism by a state employee using her state funded email address. Tammy has been totally nonresponsive when I asked about funding for her website.

I found this website on a poster behind the counter at my local pharmacy. If my state tax dollars are being used to rally other voters to lobby for specific state legislation then it should clearly be a violation of some law. Even though the site is a dot org site I strongly suspect that a lot of state money is going through this site.

I also noted that there are several drug war propaganda sessions about the “meth problem” featuring state law enforcement personnell advertised on this site. I know that it is propaganda because they have no speakers like myself who support serious drug policy reform speaking at these meetings. The meetings are disguised as “educational” – but the fact that it is so one sided clearly indicates propaganda. The reason no one like myself is ever invited is that we can and will subject their ludicrous claims to rigid scrutiny and it will not stand up.

Should taxpayer supported law enforcement people be advocating more legislation that affects their budgets? Isn’t this a violation of the law? I know that these guys won’t ever defend the current drug policy – much less their advocated legislation – in a public debate. I’ve challenged half of them already.

Could you forward this to the appropriate state official and advise me as to what is being done about this – or what is not being done about this outrageous conduct. I’m sick of having my tax dollars used to support persuasive [but unchallenged] propaganda for political positions that will NEVER be discussed in a public debate forum by those stealing my tax dollars.Posted by member via e-mail
Author: harold