Weirdharold’s scattered thoughts on Edgar Ray Killen Trial

I have written much on this topic on this site

The thing that totally blows my mind is how we have taught our children about this dark time in our history. Aaron Brown & Hodding Carter were saying the same on TV last night. I know I am not very good with the pen, but everybody under the age of 55 looks at that blog and says, “What the hell”, including my 40 year old son.

I posted a blob on my neighborhood with some, “Mississippi Burning” included Last December

I now have a pix of Mr. Walton’s antebellum home for your viewing. The 3¢ was needed to maintain his life style.

I truly feel sad that I cannot express to my children what the Jim Crow days were like. The story that Uncle Maxie relayed was not of the best type. However the Jim Crows days were violent as we have seen on trial. Powerful people allowed thugs to carry out their fears and inadequacies out on defenseless people. This happened while parents watched their children impose their will upon defenseless children.

I have many memories of this time, one the most memorable was the first week in June 1959. I was on our class senior trip in New Orleans and then back up to Biloxi, MS. We were riding the bus around because we had taken the train from KY. All we students were piling onto the back seats of the bus as we had done in KY on the school bus. The black folks were standing in the aisles. We knew not why, then on one occasion the bus driver told our Principle these seats were for the Black folks we should not set there.

Another thought was that of the Southern people using the Bible to Prove the Black should be slaves My mother (very humble woman) said Ham (son of Noah, father of Canaan) was a dark skinned man thus God said (through Noah) it was okay for dark skinned people to be servants to lighter skinned folks.

When I came to mississippi in 1993 I was told the racial issue was like burning coals. Will they go out or will they burst into flames. Who knows.
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