Thought from Member rimchamp

Studies have consistently shown that pain meds – especially opiates – are no more addictive than any other medications. People scratch their heads and wonder why, especially if they don’t realize that the War on Drugs is a transparent scam for anyone who can think independently.

The question becomes: why do people get hooked on morphine on the battlefield or any other situation where pain meds are necessary? Well, if you closely examine why any prescription medication is so easy to misuse, you have to examine that every med that is used by someone who doesn’t need it usually produces some kind of euphoric high. If you are not suffering from ADHD and you use adderall you will get high. If you don’t suffer from asthma and use the meds you get performance enhancer drugs. People who don’t need pain meds [pain is manageable] but are still given them by doctors get hooked. On the battlefield it is a matter of “patient management” – a doped out patient causes far fewer problems. Doctors haven’t got time to look after recovering patients so they keep them sedated for lots longer than necessary – so they get hooked.
It’s not the drugs stupid! Anyone who believes these lies and is suffering from addiction to illegal drugs will learn absolutely nothing from rehabilitation or treatment. Emotional dependency leads to over reliance on outside sources for satisfaction leads to personal abuse leads to drug abuse and addiction problems. The problems don’t start with the drugs; drugs are merely the last symptoms of a different problem. And the problem is that our society promotes emotional dependency by deliberately preying on our insecurities to sell products and political policies – including drug prohibition.
Author: harold