Medical professional & drugs

Living with teenage drug addicts

Sometime in the latter part of the first third of the twentieth century a man from the US went to Europe to visit the noted psychiatrist Carl Jung. He spent the entire summer with the noted psychiatrist working on his physic so that he would stop drinking. They finished and the man drank on the ship on his way home . He returned to Dr. Jung an asked if there was anything he could do to aid his drinking problem. The good Dr. replied, “No”, I have done all that I can. Fast forward to January 1976 I was told by a very good psychiatrist the very same thing is a few different words. He stated very clearly that he could treat my depression but I should go to a fellowship to overcome a spiritual malady that was most likely the root of my drinking. He said I must stop drinking before he could treat my depression.

I have never understood why the medical profession has stayed away from the silly drug war. They have allowed medical advice to be handled by people with guns and the power to imprison people with very, very severe brain diseases. The medical profession has not developed care that can respond to the afflicted needs.

What we have in place is a brain disease blamed on drugs. Where in reality we have a person with a spiritual malady using drugs to find relief he cannot find anywhere else. The medical professional say they cannot help him. The people with pistols want him to be a canary to catch bigger fish. Our legislatures play political games with laws they disobey The Justice department is very confused with the laws the legislatures make, however they want the political gain by enforcing these laws. The media is the culprit that keeps this attack on the sick afloat. This BBC article continues to blame the sickness on drugs. They state a position similar if you do not have sex you will not have penal cancer. This is how silly we have become. The people in power have no answer, but they sure want you to believe they do. Why do our people continue to ignore the medical people like Carl Jung and my psychiatrist Dr. Bauer about the spiritual malady that we call addiction? Why does most of the medical profession ignore us?

As this article says we love to look at the sad state of affairs of addiction. We should be looking at these people with all the LOVE that God gave us to use.

Of course what does Weirdharold know?

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