Rim Champ Speaks out

What is the difference between the teaching of intelligent design in science curriculums in some districts and ?dangerous drug? mythology in health curriculums in all school districts? Neither creationists nor prohibitionists offer any legitimate scientific evidence to support their agendas and neither makes even the slightest pretense to follow scientific methods ? a fact that is not widely reported in the corporate media. However, only one of these two pseudoscience curriculums causes major societal problems. Among them are:
1] Is the sole justification for social policy costing multibillions to taxpayers at all levels. Policy disproportionately punishes low income and minority communities.
2] This policy causes well over half the violent crime and a sizeable portion of other reported crime.
3] This policy provides over half the income for all criminal organizations.
4] The ignorance promoted allows a multibillion dollar industry to promote over reliance and dependency to increase sales of its product.
5] Ignorance induces agencies to restrict access to products listed above. Ignorance increases unfair lawsuits over legitimate products that are misused by consumers.
6] Misuse of products is due to substitution of pseudoscience for education.
7] It makes multimillions in tax breaks available to organizations to promote its pseudoscience to the public.
8] It produces bogus studies to support its pseudoscience and corporate media publishes them without comment ? despite objections by critics.
Only one of these mythologies is being challenged in court ? and it?s not the one causing all the problems. Is this a great country or what?
JT Barrie
Philomath, Oregon
I guess when pseudoscience drives billion dollar industries and governmental agencies the distinction between reality and media generated fantasy blurs – a lot.

Author: harold