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One interesting thread on banned drugs: before they are banned, nobody smokes them then after the ban it becomes the norm. Has anyone ever developed a smoked version of caffeine? I know that when I was younger most people who used meth were “pill poppers”. Then the crackdown and now most of the use is in smoked variety. Smoking circumvents digestive system and enhances potency. What would happen if the most addictive drug on the planet [caffeine] were made available in smoked form? Obviously with over 70% of the US public already addicted to caffeinated beverages, criminalization would be such a blatant disaster that it would be unfeasible. I could just see them raiding churches having their morning coffee. Is caffeine smokeable? I know from talk with truck drivers that concentrated caffeine tablets are somewhat available and can be a huge problem. Smokeable caffeine would make it a lot worse. The biggest problem with major caffeine junkies is that can heavy use causes gastric problems and can cause nausea. That’s why serious workaholics resort to meth or cocaine in nonedible forms.
I note that someone has already developed an inhalable alcohol version that is drawing some fire from the control freaks – but has not been seriously marketed. I wonder if it isn’t making the rounds already in the black market….
BTW, a smokeable caffeine accompanied by massive abuse would shatter the illusion of the drug war with a ferocity unimaginable. There is no way the control freaks could contain this epidemic. Imagine cafes and coffee houses as fronts for organized crime – not to mention the conservative churches that serve their congregation morning coffee and doughnuts. Oh, and yes, our Philomath police chief is strongly suspected of being a hard core caffeine addict [anyone who has a full mug of coffee at late night city meetings has a serious addiction.].

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