The Kentucky Preacher

Back in my early days in Kentucky, there were many courtyard preachers. Many were very talented and brought in many listeners that donated to their cause, to which I have never understood.

The 1940s and 50s in Central Kentucky was not prospers times. Most were farmers and let it be known if my memory serves me right 55% of their income came from the cultivation of tobacco. One of these preaches (possible ahead of his time) began to loudly talk about the evil of tobacco. Most of the tolerant farmers just thought he was right on about spiritual things but wrong about the tobacco problem. They donated freely. But one tobacco farmer thought he had heard enough of the evils of tobacco. He pulled out a five-dollar bill, went up to the preacher stating, “This money was made raising tobacco. If it is evil are you going to take”? The preacher (entrepreneur) proclaimed, “It has been in the hands of the devil long enough. Give it to me.

I cannot verify the facts about this story. Sometime sitting around a pot-bellied stove in Central Kentucky the best imagination becomes fact.

Author: harold