A Few Tools for the Manic Depressive

45 yrs. of a Manic Depression disorder has taught me a few things. I try to think of my feeling as being on a roller coster. It is going very fast but the high points and the low points are not instantaneous as real life roller coasters. The low points may last a long time and the same for the high point. Also when I am on a level playing field I get jerked sideways. I must consider that my feeling are more than three dimensional. Where ever my feeling are they are going to change. With these thoughts I have come to the following conclusions

I. I am Manic Depressive and always will be. I will not be cured

II. I must remove as much stress from my life as I can as not to aggravate my condition.

III. I will always need the assistance of a psychiatrist (I prefer to a Family Physician)

IV. I follow the psychiatrist directions even if I think he is full of bull or find another.

V. I do not medicate myself with psychoactive drugs

VI. Some tricks to feelings I do not like:

A. Worthlessness
1. Try to Help somebody in worse shape than I
a. Go to a nursing home
b. Salvation Army
c. Treatment center
d. Fellowship meetings

2. Try to do some visible activity
a. Wash dishes, mow yard & etc.
b. bolg if possible

B. Chronic Fatigue:
a. rest and don’t give a damn

C. Manic
1. Get with friends that will softly bruise my ego.

VII. I must always remember my feeling will change but my meds do not necessarily need to be changed.

I must admit I have been too sick many times to take any of these under consideration. I have been hospitalized 5 times that include 120 days. I have not been hospitalized since I started talking lithium. I have not worked in a completive work place since 6/94

Author: harold