“genetically addicted” claim

RimChamp Says

Apparently, I have not got around to changing my original password and can’t access the account. I also can’t re register using my preferred password. I would hope that you have some legitimate study to back up the “genetically addicted” claim. As depressed as I’d been when I was younger I was in little danger of having problems with drugs. My rewards system was primarily internal and alcohol and marijuana usage beyond a certain level interfered with it. I might have had some problems before I started seriously running. I had a variety of health problems before that. I had seriously sleep problems, anxiety, and numerous headaches and tensions. After I started running 6 or more times per week they seemed to vanish into fat air. It wasn’t just the physical exercise. It was the time spent alone that enabled distancing or separation from the pressures that I put on myself. Even today I do my best writing shortly after a long run.

Weirdharold says belowI am not making a “genetically addicted” claim. I am claiming the opposite theory is incorrect, in my opinion. Why wallow in the thought that making brainless law will produce better mental health. My experience with alcohol starts this ball rolling as I have stated many times on this blog. As for the “genetically addicted” claim in my family, I am fully acquainted with four generations, both maternal and parental, which includes 71 individuals and I happen to be the only addict.

My experience includes: I have been in mental health units 5 times for 120 days. I personally have been treated over 46 years by 19 psychiatrists, 13 psychologists and 24 family physicians for manic depressive disorder. I have no idea have many visits that included.

I visited a Federal prison once, one State prison many times, three county jails about 50 times, one hospital for the criminally insane three times. I have visited about 10 alcohol/drug treatment centers more than 100 times. I have visited alcoholic/addicts in lawyers offices, doctors offices, churches, and their homes 100s of times, I have been to about 12,000 fellowship meeting the past 30 years in 16 different states and one foreign country. I know I have met more than 10,000 addicts.

Now let any DEA agent or politician put their resume up against that.

The routine is the same with every addict. He says, “I do not believe I am an addict”. After he hears the story of hundreds just like him, then comes the statement, “Why am I an addict? or how did I become an addict?” their father and mother may or may not have drinks or used. They may or may not have siblings in the same position as they. The answer is very simple we do not know? Nor does anyone else.

I am making the claim because we have no research these laws have reduced the incident of addiction. Our politicians are make claims that we are saving children from a live of crime while making laws to insure the they will be broken.

Author: harold