Three Envelopes

During a conversation between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Bill said, “Dubya I put three envelopes in a drawer in the presidential desk in the Oval Office”. Dubya replied, ” Why, huh, huh, huh”? Bill said, Things you should know if things get rough going.” Dubya said, ” I will not need them huh, huh, huh.”

When Dubya arrive at the Oval Office he saw three envelopes numbered one, two, three. Dubya reckoned, “What the heck huh, huh, huh” so opened number one. It read, “Blame your predecessor”. Dubya says, “Good” and left the other two unopened.

During the 2004 election and John Kerry continued ahead in the pools, Dubya decide to open the second envelope. It read, “Change policy”. Dubya tried and he got elected.

I am awaiting for Dubya to open the third envelope. Bill told me it reads, “Make out three new envelopes.”

Author: harold