Have you seen our drug war elephant lately?

What I don?t understand is how schools can conduct drug education and NOT inform students about the harmful effects of drug policy. It?s like ignoring the elephant put in a church for security. Even environmentally challenged people know that the elephant doesn?t belong. Even with the best training the elephant can?t tell who belongs and who doesn?t. Besides, anyone with a boatload of bananas will do whatever they please in the church. And before you know it you?re hip deep in things that only an elephant can leave. Drug war elephant droppings include: crack cocaine, well-armed street gangs, meth labs run by amateurs in poor neighborhoods, endangerment of innocent lives and property by commando style DEA raids, crystal meth, well armed terrorist groups, drive by shootings, and an overpriced and overly restricted legal drug market that denies treatment to sick people.
Those who brought the elephant into the church insist that the elephant droppings would be even worse if the church got rid of the elephant ? and news editors will enthusiastically second that opinion. I haven?t seen that many elephants; maybe they eat their own droppings. The drug war elephant only seems to eat up our tax dollars. One thing to note is that the drug war elephant spends most of the time in low-income areas, and that might explain why nobody with influence seems to notice its harmful effects.

If you’re interested in seeing what drug education should be like check out
The Original Drug Manual for Kids

. It will be worth your time.
Submitted by Rim Champ via e-mail
Author: harold