Kentucky Analogy on Opium, Cocaine, Marijuana, Alcohol and Wheels (satire)

Now let us look at history. Opium has been around and used for about 2000-3000 years as medicine and it has been abused buy a few. The same can be said for cocaine. Alcohol has been around for about 6,000 years the same can be said for alcohol except it is very very hard to take a lethal dose because of the manner it is taken and its effect on the brain. Now marijuana has been around for over 10,000 years it can be used for many, many things. It can also be abuse by people with brain disease, however very little research has been recorded on this abuse.

Now early in the twentieth century some really smart people said all the history of mankind was wrong and we should set up laws and regulations that would stop everybody from putting the above mentioned substances into their bodies. This is call freedom and liberty. See, we are protecting people from their own misdeeds. Some folks do not like this so we lock them. We do not have enough jails and prisons to do this, so we build more and we make the sentences longer to make our point understood. We pile these folk into tight quarters and the fight like pigs, eating their tails off. Of, course these folks are bad people. Who would fight like that if they were not bad people?Now the wheel has been around longer than recorded history. The wheel has only one purpose, move things around. Using my Kentucky wisdom. I have done some research and found the wheel to be the leading cause of deaths from accidents. It leads all other causes by many thousands. It time that we start setting up laws to protect our masses from the reckless use of this dangerous item. We must stop youngsters from using wheels to kill themselves and others. There is no need for this to take place.

Here is the method. We create a federal department of justice to determine what is a wheel. Their definition will be used stop all manufacture, transporting, selling, and using wheels. Laws will be developed to carry out this protection of our people. This is liberty and freedom. Our government must protect us from these dangerous items. Remember how many people are killed with dangerous item. Look at some of the wrecked bodies and see if you do not understand. Ain’t I smart!

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Weirdharold Takes on Nightline

Please go here and view ABS’s Nightline:The Meth Epidemic

This is a sickening presentation showing symptoms and never looking at the disease. We had people dying like flies around a slop jar in the 20s from alcohol related poisoning. The problem was not solved, contrary to popular belief by Elliot Ness, but by the 21st Amendment. If our country will enact this law there will be fewer meth labs than moonshine stills in Montana. When will we ever learn the substance does not cause addiction. A diseased brain causes addiction. Let the marketplace decide what psychoactive drugs will be sold. Then we can deal will the illness not the what we put in our bodies.
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The Fine Work of One Kentucky Man

I think Dubya is doing a great job in accepting gavels from the Lincoln Farm

Dubya is so low in the polls I find writing about difficult him anymore. I would rather write about Floyd Tarter. Of course, I am very happy to report about my friends and neighbors from LaRue Country. This man put an air conditioner in my 1966 Chevy Two automobile in the summer of 1967. He does great work. Dubya should be appreciative, but I doubt it.
Story was submitted by member from LaRue County Kentucky
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