Spiritual Justice???

Sometime during prohibition Leon and Louise owned the store in Hammondsville (I know I spell it wrong). Both had to work in the store to make a living with several little ones in the house next to the store. Late fall was coming and Leon came upon some shoats by barter or cash I know not by which. Having no place to keep them he had to slaughter them quickly. This was not a one-man show so Leon purchased some moonshine and gather some men of strength to carry out this chore. First comes to mind was Claude Dixon, a black man that lived up the creek, well known for this strength. Paul Highbaugh, Layton Turner. One or two of the Nunn brothers I assume. Then of course there was Floyd Tarter, not too strong but was there for the other festivities.

When Louise looked out to check on the, “hog killing” she wondered if the job was going to be completed with all the laughter and not too much work. She was tending children and taking care the store, quite a job, while Leon was having fun and not too much work. At that time in Hart and LaRue counties there was old outdate phone system, Louise went and called her father-in-law, Emmett, and told him what was going on. Emmett got in his model “T” and came to the scene. By the time Emmett arrived all the hogs had scalded and scraped and the scalding tub had been remove. Some or all had talked Claude into walking on the coals barefoot. A feat no one without experience should try. Claude had most likely done before.

Emmett was very angry with all but blamed the whole affair on all others except his son, “The manager of the affair”. Of course Emmett was laughed out of the, “killing fields’, as all went on with their drinking and the hog slaughtering.Emmett’s anger was not finished. The first Saturday in December at the Three Forks Creek Baptist Church was the business meeting following a lengthy sermon. Emmett was going to have someone Churched*. Well, where do we start. Claude Dixon was black not a member of the church. Paul Highbaugh, his father was the clerk of the church. Stay away from that. Next Layton Turner best politician that ever lived near Hammondsville he was precinct captain of the Democratic Party and married to a cousin once removed from the church clerk. Again not someone to mess with. All that was left was his son, who did nothing wrong. It was the others fault. Except Floyd Tater, now this is the one to go after. On a Saturday shortly after Floyd was churched as the only instigator of the hog killing fiasco that Emmett was unable to handle. Floyd was too proud to be the only member guilty of sins that day and he was not going to set still for that type of treatment. He proudly said he would never enter that church again and he did not although they built a new church, I think he went once.

This brings a thought of an incident that happened about 20 years later. His son was the only victim of a crime where other escaped harm

This story was relayed to me by Uncle Maxie and Uncle Bob, having been dead 28 and 22 years respectfully I am sure it is without error. Uncle Paul never pleaded guilty nor did he claim no guilt
*Churched: a church business procedure whereas a member has been accused of commiting acts against prescribed behavior of the church. The member must beg forgiveness or they are taken off the membership rolls.

Author: harold