Weirdharold says

I can only give my point of view from my experience. I do not have a lab nor have I kept records. I have heard many hundreds of alcoholic say they believe they were born alcoholic as I do. I believe the use of alcoholic is only a symptom, the root cause of the illness, disease, spiritual malady whatever you wish to call it, runs much deeper.

The actions of the afflicted rip through their families causing much turmoil. Our prohibitionist laws add to this turmoil giving no aid to any. The thought that punishment will bring clear headiness to the impaired is totally false (maybe abusers of prohibited substances but not the addicted). At the same time love ones attempting to save their relatives from an unjust system create havoc with other close relatives. I do not have enough space on my site to describe all the times I have seen this happen.

It is my belief our state should go back to its original intent and insure domestic Tranquility. Our prohibitionist laws do the opposite. While our politicians tell us how many lives they are saving, they are actually saying we are gonna tell you what you can put into your body as if we do not have enough sense to do that ourselves. Well they can’t tell us that so they make laws that would not fit in a book six inches thick. These laws violate every thought of freedom laid out in the constitution. That being said the dumbest of all it destroys our economic foundation. Adam Smith laid out theories of supply and demand. He never said anything about, stop the supply and the demand will go away. duh yea

We come to a point where we are worse than the Babylonian Empire attempting to build a tower to Heaven. I think they stopped when they all started speaking a different language. 92 years into this folly we are still trying.

Author: harold