7/24/06 Headline on Drug Policy Forum

When we think of all the dangerous drugs put on the market by amateurs, then think of all the bathtub gin on the market in 1932!  There ain’t much of that stuff available today. A D minus student in Economics 101 has it figured out.

Would we have had LSD if marijuana had been grown, manufactured and sold by professionals?  Could we say the same for oxycontin, oxcodone & qaalude and etc if opiates had the same legal channels?  Of course we wouldn’t have many traveling amateurs meth labs if cocaine was available.

One of the strange thoughts that come to my mind is our efforts to keep all these growing list of drugs away from all our folks in the USA, why aren’t all the youth in Columbia and Afghanistan dope addicts and how do the DEA agents avoid this terrible scourge?  Strange logic. Dubya says, People that hate freedom

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