Student drug testing used more widely this year

This blog that was started to give my opinions on our Drug Laws and the effects on our society. Being an alcoholic and Manic Depressive it got distracted from its original intent. Looking from the bottom I do not have enough space on my blog to show my entire distaste for our Drug Laws and the effects on our society. This drug testing is one of them. George W. Bush has it right these acts are by people who hate freedom. I feel the same about this action

Educators are given powers to educate our youth and the tools to do it with. Why do we give them powers to look inside our children’s bodies? If there is a thought that some unacceptable behavior might arise from something inside their bodies, check for red beans too.

Read your Bible folks. We are trying to build a tower to Heaven. The Babylonians failed so will we. They did not destroy so many as we.

I ain’t saying any more to people who hate freedom.”Virtue is more to be feared than vice,
because its excesses are not subject to
the regulation of conscience.”

—Adam Smith
Author: harold