Entitlement or Insurance

1956 I finished my ninth year of school and began my tenth year. I was fifteen years old. I was living on a very small farm in Hart County, Kentucky with my 62 year old father and 59 year old mother. My siblings were married and were living elsewhere. I was doing everything I was asked to do to help the three of us scratch out a meager living from the farm. Principally our income came from 13 dairy cows and 1.82 acres of burley tobacco. All the feed for the dairy was grown on the farm. This included planting, harvesting, and preparing all the hay and corn for the cattle. This included cultivating the tobacco with a small harrow pulled buy a 600 pound mule called, “Slim” . It also included hanging tobacco high into a barn to dry which my father could not do because of a physical impairment.

My father being a generous and humble man thought I should have 750 dollars of the total family income. All was taxable. I assume I put at least 1000 hours in that effort plus I went to school. However I do think it was a good wage for that time and that area.

Note I paid $22.20 in SS. I was told this was old age security and disability insurance. I became disabled in the year of 1993 after I and my employers had paid in excess of $45,000 on this insurance. Today I hear this is an entitlement.

I did not know it was gonna be loaned to our Federal Government to send my brothers and sisters to Vietnam. 58,000 would not come back alive. I did not know they were gonna create a department called DEA and start a “War on Drugs” that imprison millions of the most mental ill in our nation. Spending about 100 billion a year to carry out this farce and many more projects of no worth.

I would like to say if I had a choice where this money was spent, I would have chosen outright poverty to spending the money on the above mentioned projects. Whether you call it insurance or entitlement.
Author: harold