Meth creation declines in Lee County

from the text, “If we sentence someone to 10 years for bringing this stuff in here, then they should serve that time day for day,” said Johnson. “The key to fighting drugs coming in to Lee County is through the penalty. We have to let them know that if they bring drugs here, they’re going to be put away.” “People who hate freedom” Dubya.. Yup our drug laws work so well. Harsher penatlies work so well too. We are gonna have the Drug War won any minute. Only been 92 years. Whata you except.(sic)

Really what we are gonna have is more crowded jails, more private prisons, more police enforcement, clogged Justice System and who have we saved or helped, nobody. Whom have we hurt, the families of the addicts. Trying to build a tower to heaven.

Member from my site writes. “Kids are taught nothing in schools about drugs. They don’t understand why people have problems with drugs. They don’t understand that drugs are never the long-term solution to any health or social problem. We don’t teach them how to use drugs. We teach them that only certain drugs lead to certain problems and when they see a whole slew of people who use those drugs without those problems they know that they’ve been hoodwinked. ” *
*Note: Original Drug Manual for Kids and Families (Paperback)
by JT Barrie can be purchased at the NCADD at 200 Spring St. Tupelo
Author: harold