Resentments are Sizzling Coals

Resentments are sizzling coals in the inner recesses of my mind, fires of the past. They are of no problem until they are dripped into the same substance visible in the present. They fire up the brain to a near uncontrollable state. My brain wants to deal only with the dripping material, there is no desire to examine the real depth of the burning coals. A lifetime of knowing the whereabouts, the nature, and arsonist has not given me the power to extinguish these burning coals. It can only come from a God of my understanding. I believe God will give me a match to light these coals or water to extinguish. To me this is heaven or hell as I choose.
Author: harold


I have been reincarnated several times. Never been that educated, but seem to have good living skills. In the late 17th century I was about 40 years old, living in Salem, MA. One day some dressed up jerk came by my home and asked if I would like to be a witch. He said, “It is perfectly legal”. My reaction, “Thanks but no thanks”
He pulled out a gun and said I was going to be a witch. That life didn’t last long after that.

300 years later, in the early 21th century in am living Kabul, Afghanistan. Some guys from a foreign country with guns said I had to go vote for our new leader. Well I did, but I was very scared. So I just packed up and moved to Bagdad, Iraq.

The same guys with the same guns were there saying the same thing. All I am trying to do is trying to sell a few fruits and vegetables. It gets harder and harder with the bombs flying around. It is getting harder to know what to do. Maybe I could go to the poppy fields in Afghanistan. It might be a little better. I sure hope my next life is better than this.

Author: harold